Wedding Photography Checklist

So you have set the date for your big day. Congratulations you’re getting married. You have probably already got a million and one lists for this very special day. You may have already started a wedding photography checklist.

The first thing you will need to choose a photographer who is in your budget, and just importantly you like their style of photography. It’s always best to meet your wedding photographer if you click and get on well when you meet that is probably the photographer for you.

If the photographer offers an engagement photography package it’s worth considering. I include a pre-wedding photography session with my standard wedding photography packages. I found this a great way to get to know my couples and learn about their wedding day. I find  this an advantage for couples so that the can feel more at ease in front of the camera.

Usually, I photograph some formal family shots as well as capturing the day as it unfolds often catching some joyful candid moments. You will want to create a list of the group shots you wish to have taken, each shot takes about between 2 to 3 minutes to set up. It is worth remembering that guests can tire and may need some form refreshment especially on a hot summers day. It’s also worth having a family member or friend who can be on hand to call out the guest names when it is their turn to be photographed.

I often carry on take more that one photo of a particular group, often to capture those unprompted moments, in this case one of Lucy and Ben’s guest attracting the attention of the bridal party from a guest room Eynsham Hall.



One of Lucy and Ben's group shots at Eynesham Hall
Let your photographer know if you have any special requests beforehand. I am very friendly and approachable if someone has a particular photograph just ask. Matt and Chelsie wanted to spend a bit of time away on their own so we were chauffeured to the River where we captured some more intimate photos of their wedding.
Matt and Chelsie enjoying some alone time Henley on Thames, Oxfordshire