I consider myself extremely fortunate that my day job is doing something I love. The last month seems to have been extremely with photographing weddings and the associated work that goes with it. I am not complaining in the slightest but I have been sitting in front of a computer screen far too long editing several thousand photographs. So when an invitation arrived to accompany OperationFriendShip.org.uk to the Calvert Trust I jumped at the chance.

Operation Friendship is a new independent care provider in Oxfordshire set up with the aim to empower and directly support three disabled young adults living independently in their community. This was their first trip as a group, the Calvert Trust in Exmoor was the ideal location being only several hours away by road. The Calvert Trust enables people with disabilities, together with their families and friends, to achieve their potential through the challenge of outdoor adventure in the countryside.

Obviously, I brought my camera my love affair with photography means never been without a camera. On a personal note, this is one of the most enjoyable weekends that I have ever experienced and am now looking forward with much anticipation to the next trip with Operation Friendship to the Calvert Trust.