Every year Henley Synchronised Swimming Club compete in the National Age Group Championships in Gloucester. As a professional photographer from Henley on Thames, the club requested me to photograph all of the girls and boy competing in the competition to use the images on the club’s website. The clubs teams swam in four separate events, each routine lasts for approximately 4 minutes. Because I have no second chances to capture the athletes swimming I used my Nikon D3 camera which allows me to take 11 photographs per second when needed especially useful for the explosively fast parts of a routine. On the day I still managed to take 650 photographs all of which need editing and backing up.

I normally specialise in wedding photography photographing a sports event at a swimming pool bought a new set of challenges the main one been the almost unbearable humidity. Also, I was restricted to photographing from viewing stands which meant I had to contend with limited visibility. The advantage of all of this I got to watch some great routines and I also had the chance to browse some Christmas markets and enjoy some Brandy Hot Chocolate

Below are some photographs from the day. There are more photo’s on the clubs website at www.henleysynchronisedswimmingclub.org