[twentytwenty]Wedding photograph before VSCO appliedWedding photograph after VSCO applied [/twentytwenty]

When I get back from a photograph wedding I have the job of backing up and editing all the photographs. Editing often takes me several days to complete depending on the number of images that I have.

Up until recently my go-to choice for editing my images was Adobe Lightroom alongside Nik filters. For the last few years, this has served me well. Unfortunately, Nik filters were bought by Google who had no interest in developing or maintaining the range of filters developed by Nik. Sadly the inevitable day came when the filters no longer worked on my Mac, which left me looking for a solution I could use on both my Mac and my Windows PC.

After some research, I decided to use VSCO film emulation plugin. VSCO Film is a set of powerful film emulation presets and tools that work within Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw to deliver the distinct look of film through a streamlined workflow.

I opted Film Pack 01 which by VSCO’s definition is clean and minimal, this pack emulates the look of popular, contemporary film stock. Ideal for editorial, wedding, and everything in between.
Film types included with this pack include:


Kodak Portra 160
Kodak Portra 400
Kodak Portra 800
Fuji 160C
Fuji 400H
Fuji 800Z

Black & White

Kodak Tri-X
Kodak T-MAX 3200
Ilford HP5

It is also possible to fine-tune the effects of the film emulations to achieve the desired result. Obviously, with any new product, there is going to be a learning curve in how to use it, but I found VSCO very intuitive and found with a few hours of experimentation I was getting results I was very happy with. The above image shows a comparison between Adobe Lightroom Raw and Lightroom using VSCO with the Fuji 400H emulation.

Some things that I miss from using Nik filters, are the selective editing points which will allow you to adjust settings on a small part of the picture, also when it comes to black and white editing Nik Silver Effex is proving hard to beat.  Having said that VSCO allows for batch editing of images which is a massive time save, also all of the editing is done within Lightroom so my disk drive will no longer fill up with massive.tif files.