December 6, 2019

Welcome, a little about myself

Well as this is the first post on this web site, I thought it a good idea to introduce myself. As you can see my the site headline you can see that my name is Paul Newbery and I am a web designer and SEO freelancer. I have owned and run my own web design company Peppard Creative developing websites professionally since 2014. Previous to that I worked in the corporate world working with Companies such as IBM, Digital and Honeywell working across many areas of IT but always in customer focused roles. While my roles have been varied I have been building websites since 1998 mainly for friends and family, but occasionally the odd small business. For a while I tried my hand at being a photographer, while photography is something I am passionate about it was not something I wanted to make a living with.

Now I find myself focusing on Web design and SEO work, mainly for smaller businesses who have cost concerns, working as a freelancer I find it easier to meet my client expectations when it come to keeping it within a budget.

Anyway I hope you enjoy my website, if you are interested in a new web design or some SEO improvements to a current site, head over to my business website at

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