My photography kit includes a versatile range of Nikon cameras and lenses, a DJI drone, a trusty film camera, and essential accessories like tripods and filters. Each piece serves a purpose in telling unique visual stories, with the Beschoi Waterproof Camera Bag ensuring protection for my gear on all adventures.

When it comes to capturing moments frozen in time, the tools in my kit aren’t just about showcasing the latest and greatest. They’re about versatility, reliability, and the sheer joy of creating visual stories. Let’s take a dive into the photo gear that accompanies me on my photographic journeys, without the unnecessary jargon.


Nikon Z6 with 24-70 F4 S Lens: This is my go-to setup for versatility and quality. The Z6’s full-frame sensor combined with the 24-70mm F4 lens makes it a workhorse for various scenarios. Its compact size doesn’t compromise on performance, and the lens delivers sharpness and flexibility for everyday shooting.

14-30 F4 Lens: Wide-angle shots come alive with this lens. Its ability to capture expansive landscapes or immersive indoor scenes adds depth and drama to my compositions.

Nikon Z6 camera with 24mm-70mm lens


FTZ Adapter with 70-200mm F2.8 F Mount Lens: This combination offers telephoto capabilities, ideal for isolating subjects or capturing details from a distance. The FTZ adapter ensures compatibility and maintains image quality seamlessly.

16mm Fisheye Lens: Sometimes, a touch of creativity is needed. The fisheye lens brings a unique perspective to my shots, adding a playful element to the visual narrative.

Nikon Z30 with 16-50mm DX Kit Lens and 50-280mm DX Lens: The Z30, paired with its kit lenses, provides a lightweight, portable alternative. It’s perfect for casual shooting without compromising on image quality. The additional 50-280mm DX lens extends its reach, making it suitable for wildlife or sports photography.

Nikon F501 Film Camera with 50mm 1.8 Lens: Film photography is an art in itself. The F501 brings a nostalgic touch to my work, allowing me to experiment with film’s unique characteristics.


DJI Mini 3: A drone is an incredible tool for aerial perspectives. The Mini 3’s compactness and quality make it a reliable companion for capturing stunning vistas from above.

Manfrotto Carbon Tripod with 410 Junior Geared Head: Stability is crucial. This sturdy tripod and geared head combination provides the support needed for long exposures or precise framing.

K&F Magnetic Filters (ND, CPL, Black Mist): Filters are indispensable for enhancing my shots. These magnetic filters offer convenience and versatility, allowing quick adjustments to control light, reflections, and mood in my photographs.

Beschoi Waterproof Camera Bag from K&F: Protection is paramount for my gear. This camera bag doesn’t just keep my equipment safe from the elements; its durable, waterproof design ensures peace of mind, especially during outdoor shoots or adverse weather conditions. With customizable compartments, it efficiently organizes my gear while offering easy access on the go.

This addition ensures that my gear stays not only functional but also secure wherever my photographic adventures take me.

In essence, it’s not just about owning a laundry list of gear—it’s about understanding each tool’s strengths and using them to tell compelling visual stories. The amalgamation of these cameras, lenses, and accessories isn’t about flaunting the latest technology, but rather about amplifying my creative vision in a way that feels authentic and meaningful.

Photography isn’t just about pixels or specs; it’s about emotions, moments, and perspectives frozen in time. And my gear is there to help me capture those moments, to tell stories that resonate and evoke emotions in those who view them. That, to me, is the essence of photography—beyond the gear, beyond the technicalities. It’s about the art of seeing and the art of sharing that vision with the world.

So, next time you see me with my camera bag slung over my shoulder, know that it’s not just a collection of tools—it’s a storyteller’s kit, ready to weave tales through the lens.


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