My new photography website

Well, at a start of a new year, I decided to create a new website. This will be a little different from my existing photography website (Beingthere Photo). This site will only feature what I consider to be my best photos. I suspect it will stay much more diminutive than Beingthere Photo, which I continue to update regularly.

The year 2021 turned out to be, with covid limitations slightly better than 2020. Things weren’t all awful, though. I still managed to get out with my camera, albeit with a far fewer number of shots (a total of 1600) than I would typically shoot in a year. This low number is due to various factors, including lockdown restrictions, bad weather. Also, I am now more selective in my photography and that my web design firm has been quite busy this year.

Anyway, I have whittled down the images and I have posted my favourite images here.