K&F Concept Magnetic Filter Set: Quick Attach Filters for High-Quality Photography

The K&F Concept Magnetic Filter Set offers high-quality optical glass filters with a convenient magnetic attachment system, allowing for quick and easy changes. The set includes a UV filter, a circular polarizer (CPL), and neutral density (ND) filters, all performing well without introducing colour cast. The durable build and inclusion of brass step-down rings make it versatile for use with multiple lens sizes. Though slightly pricier than traditional screw-on filters, the convenience and quality make it a worthwhile investment for serious photographers.

The kent faith filter set

Design and Build Quality

The K&F Concept Magnetic Filter Set is impressively designed, combining durability with ease of use. The filters are made from high-quality optical glass, ensuring minimal impact on image clarity and colour fidelity. A key feature of this set is the adapter that attaches to the lens, enabling the filters to magnetically attach. This magnetic attachment system allows photographers to quickly swap filters without the need to screw them on and off. This is particularly beneficial for those who need to change filters on the fly, such as landscape photographers dealing with rapidly changing light conditions.

The metal frames of the filters are robust and provide a good grip, which is essential for handling in various weather conditions. The set typically includes a UV filter, a circular polarizer (CPL), and neutral density (ND) filters of varying strengths, covering a wide range of shooting scenarios.


UV Filter: The UV filter performs well, offering protection for your lens without introducing noticeable colour cast or vignetting. It is clear and maintains the sharpness of the images.

Circular Polarizer (CPL): The CPL filter effectively reduces glare and reflections, enhancing colour saturation and contrast. It’s particularly useful for landscape photography, as it can deepen the blue of the sky and make foliage appear more vibrant. Notably, I did not notice any colour cast while using the CPL filter, which is a significant advantage.

Neutral Density (ND) Filters: The ND filters in the set are consistent in quality, providing even exposure reduction across the frame. This allows for longer exposure times, making it possible to achieve effects like motion blur in water or clouds. Like the CPL, the ND filters did not introduce any noticeable colour cast, ensuring that your images retain their natural colours. The magnetic attachment ensures that there is no light leakage, which can be a problem with some other filter systems.

Ease of Use

The magnetic system is intuitive and speeds up the workflow significantly. Filters snap on and off quickly, and the secure fit means there is little risk of them falling off accidentally. The convenience of this system cannot be overstated, especially for photographers who need to react quickly to changing conditions.

To make the most of the 82mm filter thread-sized filters on my other lenses with smaller filter sizes, I purchased some brass step-down rings. These rings are sturdy and allow me to use the same set of filters across multiple lenses, enhancing the versatility and value of the filter set.

Value for Money

The K&F Concept Magnetic Filter Set is competitively priced, offering good value for money given the quality of the filters and the convenience of the magnetic system. While there are cheaper filters available, the ease of use and build quality make this set a worthwhile investment for serious photographers.

Pros and Cons


  • High-quality optical glass
  • Durable metal frames
  • Innovative and convenient magnetic attachment system
  • Comprehensive set covering various needs
  • Quick and easy filter changes
  • No noticeable colour cast with CPL or ND filters
  • Compatibility with multiple lens sizes using step-down rings


  • The magnetic system, while robust, may not be suitable for all lens sizes (ensure compatibility before purchasing)
  • Slightly higher price point compared to traditional screw-on filters


The K&F Concept Magnetic Filter Set is a highly practical and well-designed set of filters that caters to both amateur and professional photographers. Its ease of use, coupled with its high-quality materials and construction, makes it a valuable addition to any photography kit. The absence of colour cast in the CPL and ND filters further enhances its appeal. The addition of brass step-down rings to use the 82mm filters on lenses with smaller filter sizes increases its versatility. If you’re looking for a filter system that saves time and enhances your shooting experience, the K&F Concept Magnetic Filter Set is an excellent choice.

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