Magical South Devon Coastline: 4K Drone Footage

My love of traveling has taken me to some amazing places and this cove in South Devon is one that I will never forget. The magical atmosphere makes it feel like you’re part of something great, or perhaps even playing a role on Game Of Thrones or Lord of the Rings! This is Drone footage from my DJI mini 2 which if I am honest I am still learning how to fly a drone smoothly.

There’s a certain magic that only occurs when the ocean meets wind and waves. The mist from spray, sun shining through gaps in clouds- it all adds up to one thing: perfection! I can’t wait to return to this magical cove with my drone and camera when the conditions are even more dramatic perhaps even stormy,

As a scouting mission it was a very good day and got some good photographs so much so I might do another video, that will have to wait until I m in the office to record something.

Technical Details

4K Footage shot entirely on the DJI Mini 2 Drone and edited in DaVinci Resolve music from