The year 2023 brought adventures to the Lake District, Scotland’s NC500, Valencia, and local spots like Dartmoor and South Hams. Despite fewer landscape photos, memorable moments were cherished. Excursions unfolded in stunning locales but sometimes lacked ideal photography gear. The coming year promises trips to Venice, Vienna, and maybe Valencia, aiming to capture better photos without procrastination.

As 2023 draws to a close and 2024 rapidly approaches I thought I would write and reflect on the past year. The year was full of adventure including trips to the Lake District, Scotland (NC500) and Valencia. Not forgetting the adventures, I had locally around Dartmoor and the South Hams coastline.

Now while I had lots of adventures which created many happy memories for me to cherish sadly it was a little lacking in landscape photography, I perhaps came away with 10 pictures from the whole year that I liked.

 The year started brightly on a January morning at Bantham Sands on a beautiful yet cold morning. With perfect lighting over the bay looking out to Burgh Island hotel with a slight mist on the sea, I learnt the hard way that the saying ‘The perfect camera is the one you have with you’ can be complete bollocks, well it was in this case. I wish I had my Nikon Z6 and polarising filter with me on this occasion to make the most of this occasion.

Embarking on my inaugural escapade of the year, I ventured to the enchanting Lake District, nestled by the serene waters of Lake Windermere. Amidst this picturesque landscape, our journey led us to the captivating sights of Crummock Water and the ancient allure of Castlerigg stone circle. Surprisingly, the weather proved notably kind, defying the region’s usual rainfall tendencies, offering a rare dry spell amidst the occasional showers that embraced most of our days there.

In late August and early September, we embarked on an epic road trip. Possibly one of the best road trips in the world. I am talking about the NC500 (North Coast 500) in Scotland. Unusually for Scotland the weather was Sunny and warm every day apart from the last, which made for a great holiday but possibly not the best photography if your goal is to capture moody landscapes of the epic Scottish scenery. Probably one of the best if not the best holidays I have taken.

November saw a quick trip to Valencia in Spain, a bit of Autumn sun, good food and a healthy amount of wine. I took several cliched photographs around the City of Arts and Sciences and quite a lot of video footage. Valencia has become an annual pilgrimage. We are already planning to go there next November.

December became a standout month for my photos! I took some unplanned shots of Dartmoor and the South Hams coast, and those ended up being my absolute faves of the year. It was such an awesome way to wrap up the year!

So, what about 2024? Well, I already have some adventures planned which will result in some photographs that I am proud of. already planned trips to Venice, Vienna and probably Valencia.

I think as rush into 2024 I reflect on how fortunate I am, and my new year’s resolution is not to let procrastination get in the way of taking a good photograph. If you have managed to read this far, I hope you have a fantastic new year.

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