My Top YouTubers 2023: Creator Picks

During the COVID  pandemic, I run out of things to watch on TV, nothing on Netflix or Sky etc. Thankfully I took out a YouTube premium subscription which thankfully helped me maintain my sanity.

As we gear up to bid farewell to 2023, I figured it’s time for a roundup of the absolute legends who’ve made this year a rollercoaster of entertainment, learning, and laughs. Get ready to jot down your next binge-watch list, because here are my top favourite YouTubers of the year—in no particular order, just pure awesomeness.

  1. Gavin Hardcastle (Fototripper) 📸 Gavin’s like the guru of photography adventures. His lighthearted shenanigans during his travels and stunning captures not only feed your wanderlust but also sprinkle in some epic photography tips. Trust me, you won’t just watch his vids; you’ll experience every shot he takes.
  2. Adam Gibbs 🏞️ Hailing from England and now based in Vancouver Island, Canada, Adam is the ultimate outdoor photography enthusiast. His channel serves as a sanctuary for landscape photography buffs. Transporting you to breathtaking vistas, Adam’s calm vibes and scenic explorations make you feel like you’re right there, soaking in the beauty of Mother Nature.
  3. Michael Shainblum 🌌 Prepare to get your mind blown by Michael’s time-lapse wizardry. He turns ordinary moments into mesmerizing visual symphonies. You won’t believe what cameras can capture until you’ve seen his work.
  4. Thomas Heaton 🏔️Thomas is more than a photographer; he’s an adventure seeker cruising to picturesque locations in his converted 2002 Mitsubishi Delica van, imported from Japan. He transformed it into his ultimate photography adventure-mobile! His expeditions, accompanied by his trusty van, are a mix of stunning landscapes, photography tips, and a good dose of his infectious enthusiasm for the great outdoors.


custom van conversions

If you are into custom van conversions check out this video from Thomas which details how he kitted out his van for his landscape photography adventures

  1. Nigel Dansen 🎥 If you’re into filmmaking, Nigel’s your go-to guy. His behind-the-scenes peeks and insightful breakdowns make the whole moviemaking process seem like a cool, achievable adventure.
  2. James Popsys ✨ James is a creative genius. His photography skills and quirky humour blend perfectly, making learning about photography feel like chatting with a hilarious friend.
  3. Henry Turner 🎬 Henry’s all about cinematography and storytelling. His channel’s a treasure trove of techniques and tips, making even the most complex filmmaking concepts super easy to understand.
  4. Camera Conspiracies 📷 This channel, the brainchild of Kasey Stern, is where the magic of camera conspiracies happens. But here’s the twist: Kasey’s not just about cameras and conspiracies. He also runs another channel called Vegetable Police. With a touch of sarcasm, Camera Conspiracies dives into the wild world of camera gear and reviews, bringing a hilarious perspective to the table. Warning: might cause uncontrollable giggles.

These creators aren’t just about racking up views; they’re on a mission to share their passion and knowledge with us. From stunning landscapes to side-splitting sarcasm, they’ve made 2023 one heck of a ride. So, grab your snacks, cosy up, and let’s give a standing ovation to these YouTube superstars who’ve made this year a whole lot brighter!

Excited about these awesome creators? Who else do you think deserves a spot on this list? Share your favourite YouTube stars in the comments below! Whether they capture stunning landscapes, tickle your funny bone, or dive deep into camera conspiracies, let’s keep the conversation going. Your recommendations might spark the next binge-watch session for all of us!


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