Mastering Photography Timing: Lessons Learned from Sandgate and Folkestone, Kent

Despite imperfect timing due to unpredictable weather, photos from Sandgate and Folkestone, Kent showcase the potential of patience in photography, with missed opportunities but also unexpected beauty captured in motion blur and natural elements

In an ideal world, photographers have the luxury of waiting for the perfect moment to capture their shots. But, as any photographer knows, reality often doesn’t align with our ideal scenarios. Such was the case during my recent trip to Sandgate, Kent. While the images I captured aren’t flawless, they serve as a reminder of the unpredictability of timing, particularly when weather factors come into play.

The first photograph, despite its imperfections, holds a certain charm. Taken while the weather was still favourable, the colours of the hut harmonize beautifully, creating a pleasing composition. However, it’s evident that with a bit more patience, the results could have been even more striking.

Take, for instance, the second image—a view down to the beach. Had I waited a little longer, allowing for the passage of a cyclist, jogger, or dog walker, the scene would have undoubtedly gained depth and vitality. Unfortunately, the rain intervened, dampening both the ground and the foot traffic along the esplanade. Interestingly, the green house to the left holds historical significance, adorned with a blue plaque commemorating the residence of the renowned science fiction writer, H.G. Wells.

The third photograph captures a moment of dynamic motion—a dog walker crossing a bridge by the sea. The motion blur adds a sense of energy, while the wave crashing over the steps adds a touch of drama. However, the presence of an immobile couple on the left detracts from the overall impact of the scene. Despite waiting for what felt like an eternity, they remained stationary, disrupting the flow of the composition.

These examples serve as a reminder of the challenges photographers face when attempting to capture the perfect shot. While patience is often rewarded, sometimes external factors such as weather and unforeseen obstructions can thwart our best-laid plans. Yet, in the midst of imperfection, there is still beauty to be found. It’s in those fleeting moments, where chaos meets serenity, that the essence of photography truly shines.

In hindsight, perhaps I could have exercised more patience or adapted my approach to accommodate the unpredictable elements. However, it’s through these experiences that we grow as photographers, learning to embrace the imperfections and finding beauty in the unexpected. After all, it’s often the flaws and idiosyncrasies that lend a photograph its unique character and narrative depth.

So, while these images may not be perfect by conventional standards, they serve as a testament to the ebb and flow of life behind the lens. And perhaps, in their imperfection, lies their true beauty—a reflection of the imperfect, yet infinitely captivating, world we inhabit.


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